Why I became an Estate Planning Attorney

It’s rare these days to find a general practice attorney. In all but the smallest of towns, most of us specialize. Our lives are more complex and the law is more complex than ever. Therefore it is nearly impossible to be competent in every major area of the law and the prudent attorney will focus on no more than a handful of practice areas.

I decided to specialize in estate planning and probate. Why? To help my friends, family, and community members leave a legacy. Whether it’s the family farm or a priceless collection of beer steins, I help my clients make sure the things they love go to the people they love! It brings me great joy to assist my clients in planning for the future. We can’t avoid death, but we can prepare so that our families aren’t left with a family feud. Careful planning ensures this doesn’t happen and preserves your hard earned assets for future generations.

It’s a privilege for me to assist the community I grew up in and I’m proud to be born and raised in Whatcom County.


Wow…what a busy couple of months.

Developing a law firm from the ground up is no small feat. Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about topics such as: What to expect as an Estate Planning client; What differentiates a local Attorney from Legal Zoom; Why Estate Planning is important for everyone – and more – so check back soon. Cheers! Genissa